Series: THE CROTCH EXTRAVAGANZA!! Hula Hooping Workshop

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Hula Hooping/Hoopdance workshops from Hooping Mad

The Crotch Extravaganza!


20 Videos for approx.

£25 / €30 / US$41 / AU$47 / NZ$50 / CA$44

You undertake the activities in the videos at your own risk and Hooping Mad can not be held responsible for injury resulting in taking part in the physical activity in these videos.

Vids are for personal use only. Abuse of the downloadable version will result in the next workshops being streaming only with no downloadable option.

This series of videos makes up a whole workshop devoted to hoop tricks involving the nether regions. They’ll be crotch flips, slams, grabs, rolls and jumps as well as some wedgies. Get ready to put some thrust into it!

This is an all levels workshop with all tricks covered from the beginning and more advanced/two hoop variations for those desiring a greater challenge!

For this workshop you will need to be able to spin the hoop on the hands vertically in front of the body and horizontally above the head. It will also help to be able to do a forwards figure 8/weave. There are some extra variations for those that have other hoopdance skills already. These are clearly stated within the videos.

You will need to have your own hoop.

Taught by Emma of Hooping Mad

This workshop is made up of 20 videos making up just under 2.5hr footage.


Lessons included in this series

  1. Vid 1: Introduction - The Crotch Extravaganza!
  2. Vid 2: Walk the Dog - The Crotch Extravaganza!
  3. Vid 3a: Crotch Rolls - The Crotch Extravaganza!
  4. Vid 3b: Roll Variations - Crotch Extravaganza!
  5. Vid 3c: Roll Variations - Crotch Extravaganza!
  6. Vid 3d: Roll Variations - Crotch Extravaganza!
  7. Vid 4: Wedgie Flip - The Crotch Extravaganza!
  8. Vid 5a: Wedgies 1 - The Crotch Extravaganza!
  9. Vid 5b: Wedgies 1 - The Crotch Extravaganza!
  10. Vid 5c: Wedgies 1 - The Crotch Extravaganza!
  11. Vid 6a: Wedgies 2 - The Crotch Extravaganza!
  12. Vid 6b: Wedgies 2 - The Crotch Extravaganza!
  13. Vid 7a: Wedgie Pick ups - The Crotch Extravaganza!
  14. Vid 7b: Wedgie Pick ups - Crotch Extravaganza!
  15. Vid 7c: Wedgie Pick ups - Crotch Extravaganza!
  16. Vid 7d: Wedgie Pick ups - Crotch Extravaganza!
  17. Vid 8a: Crotch Slams - The Crotch Extravaganza!
  18. Vid 8b: Crotch Slams - The Crotch Extravaganza!
  19. Vid 9a: Thigh hooping - The Crotch Extravaganza!
  20. Vid 9b: Thigh hooping - The Crotch Extravaganza!
06/05/2013 Funnybonehoops
I so enjoyed this one, fun and funky. Perfect for me being Funny Bone Hoops. Love your tutorials and cannot wait to do the elbows session. Finishing Crotch Extravaganza today.
Never even thought of this
02/11/2013 HoopDiva
I am so happy to know a few ways to incorporate thigh hooping into flow. Can't wait to try leg hooping into thigh hooping, back to leg hooping. Bags looked ridiculously adorable in your clothes.

Supplementary Files

Once you purchase this series you will have access to the following files:

  • Crotch_Vid1Text_Intro.pdfCrotch_Vid1Text_Intro.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid2Text_WTD.pdfCrotch_Vid2Text_WTD.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid3aText_Rolls.pdfCrotch_Vid3aText_Rolls.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid3bText_Rolls_to_hands.pdfCrotch_Vid3bText_Rolls_to_hands.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid3cText_Arm_roll.pdfCrotch_Vid3cText_Arm_roll.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid3dText_Toe_Pinch.pdfCrotch_Vid3dText_Toe_Pinch.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid4Text_Wedgie_Flip.pdfCrotch_Vid4Text_Wedgie_Flip.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid5aText_Wedgie_Position.pdfCrotch_Vid5aText_Wedgie_Position.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid5bText_Leg_over_wedgie.pdfCrotch_Vid5bText_Leg_over_wedgie.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid_5cText_Leg_over_wedgie_2.pdfCrotch_Vid_5cText_Leg_over_wedgie_2.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid6aText_One_footed_wedgie.pdfCrotch_Vid6aText_One_footed_wedgie.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid6bText__Two_footed_wedgie.pdfCrotch_Vid6bText__Two_footed_wedgie.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid7aText_Foot_toss.pdfCrotch_Vid7aText_Foot_toss.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid7bText_Std_W_Pick_up.pdfCrotch_Vid7bText_Std_W_Pick_up.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid_7cText_Foot_tuck_P_Up.pdfCrotch_Vid_7cText_Foot_tuck_P_Up.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid_7dText_Foot_tuck_jump.pdfCrotch_Vid_7dText_Foot_tuck_jump.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid8aText_Slams.pdfCrotch_Vid8aText_Slams.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid8bText_Vertical_slam.pdfCrotch_Vid8bText_Vertical_slam.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid9aText_Thighs.pdfCrotch_Vid9aText_Thighs.pdf
  • Crotch_Vid9bText_Thighs_to_knees.pdfCrotch_Vid9bText_Thighs_to_knees.pdf

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